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DASH and Masternodes

Dash, based on Bitcoin, created a protocol called "Masternodes". These "Higher" nodes were an innovation that allowed multiple on-chain privacy features to be implemented on the Bitcoin protocol.

Node Privacy, Partial Obfuscation

Coins such as Monero expanded on these ideas, creating a full suite of privacy features including RingCT. Another equally innovative project Spectrecoin integrated mandatory Tor relays for nodes, backed up by OBFS4 obfuscation. These measures were never used completely, since a fully private chain has no way to verify supply in a Trustless manner.

The DAPS Protocol, Total Obfuscation

DAPS plans to continue this legacy of innovation by merging previous successful, stress-tested privacy methods. Masternodes, full obfuscation, and a Trustless governance is key to this mission. Many projects before have stopped short of full obfuscation due to the Trust issue, which we will attempt to address. The path of future privacy coins is in our Proof-Of-Audit feature combined with total obfuscation, allowing wholly-private blockchains while maintaining a standard of Trustless decentralized governance, started by Bitcoin.

How Will We Do This?

Introducing Trustless Governance to a Fully-Private Chain

In order to prevent double-spending and other exploits from being untrackable, Bitcoin is a fully public chain. Right now, we have the technology to create a fully-private blockchain which addresses the double-spend problem. This technology is not used, since implementing it would mean you cannot know wether an emission hack or spending exploit was found until it's too late.We plan to implement the world's first Trustless Masternode-powered fully-private blockchain. An attempt to address the "Trust" issue of current implementations of privacy protocols.

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White Paper

We believe our project can stand on it's merits alone. View our white paper today and judge it for yourself!

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Peer-Reviewed, Community Loved

Our white paper is easy to understand and is always open to revision.

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