6 Months Since DAPS Coin Mainnet Launched

6 months old daps coin

It has been 6 months since we launched mainnet, can you believe it?! 

What a journey this has been. We have seen so many things happen in the world and the world of crypto in these last 6 months.

We’ve been on an amazing journey so far and as a community project we’ve done really well and accomplished A LOT together. During these past 6 months we achieved a few more milestones will list a few of them below:


From version 1.0.0 on launch day we are now at version with version currently in testing with a planned release soon. With over 10 versions tested in the test group and 5 versions released for public use.

  • 200 Issues Resolved
  • 7 Wallet Upgrades
  • 235 Commits Made on Github
  • 7 Contributors and 29 Testers

Partnerships and Collaborations:

Partnerships and collaborations are extremely important in business and we have made some great ones over the last 6 months:

  • SecuX – currently in dev and progressing
  • Bitcoin Hodler
  • CoinGecko Mainnet Launch
  • CoinDreams
  • Ihostmn
  • ZCore Masternodes System 
  • Trittium
  • Nodecheck 
  • Pecunia
  • Node Hub 
  • MNBIZ 
  • MyMasternode.host
  • StackofStake – not completed yet
  • Flits App – not completed yet

Exchange Listings:

We have to be very selective about which exchanges we work with. We think that we have a strong list of good exchanges here. We are still hoping for Binance though 🙂

  1. Txbit
  2. Bitmart
  3. Stex
  4. Hotbit
  5. Digifinex
  6. SWFT Blockchain
  7. StakeCube

Fundraising Initiatives:

Project Donations
Exchange Listing Fundraiser
DAPS Cares Charities

Other Achievements:

Over 3000 masternodes in our first week of launching and making the top 10 best performing masternodes list twice

Swap process with Grant Thorton completed.

Launch of the first blockchain game featuring DAPS multiverse characters called Bitcoin Hodler

Reviews and Voting Contests Won:

  • Proof of Review
  • Hillrise Capital Review
  • Ajoobz Review
  • Hotbit Voting
  • DigiFinex Voting
  • StakeCube Voting
  • CoinDeal Nomination

PR and Social Media:

  • Papercoins Review
  • AMBcrypto Article
  • NewsBTC Article
  • Live Coin Watch Article
  • Cointelegraph Featured Article
  • Adel featured by OKex for Women’s Day
  • Interview with CTO Andrew aka DAPS Spock.

YouTube video:

What’s coming up next:

The main focus of development is now shifting over to SecuX integration.
While we have been focussing on the wallets over the last few months, we think that we have gotten to a stage where the wallets are quite well positioned. They may not be perfect, but we are seeing a dramatic drop in support requests.

SecuX is definitely the top priority for us. There are a few reasons for this:

  1. Our first hardware wallet.
  2. The code created for this will form the basis of our very own web wallet
  3. Litenodes will be able to be built more quickly
  4. Completion of the mobile wallets

This is an extremely important step on our path and we are looking to it with great enthusiasm.

Besides the tech side of things, we have a few interviews, PR pieces and live streaming events lined up also featuring a few more giveaways to drive traffic and community engagement. The community groups should also be implemented into action soon, we are hoping to receive a few more applications to help with different sections of DAPS. Please apply if you can give some of your time.

Thanks for being on this journey with the team and stay tuned for a community live-stream event soon to catch up with everyone.

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