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What is PoA (Proof of Audit) and How Does it Work?

PoA or Proof of Audit is DAPS Coin’s proprietary consensus mechanism for the DAPS chain. It is essentially a chain accountant that ensures that the total supply (max supply + emissions) has not been tampered with. The chain must have … Read More

birthday daps

Happy Birthday DAPS!

Happy birthday to DAPS, Happy birthday to DAPS!!! Just like your child’s first year, this first year of DAPS has been a year of ups and downs, laughter and tears. The team at DAPS are proud of everyone here. We … Read More

arcadia group daps coin

DAPS Coin Reveals Development Partner Arcadia Group

With the project coming close to launching mainnet, DAPS are proud to reveal their partnership with The Arcadia Group who are the official  DAPS software development partners. The Arcadia Group is a company based in Dallas Texas who focus on blockchain software development … Read More

DAPS Chinese White Paper Release

随着我们今天在FCoin上的上市,我们希望在我们的中文社区中热烈欢迎您的加入,我们的白皮书将以中文发布。 请随时问我们的管理员,你可能有任何问题。 我们的新微信频道也应该很快上线。 享受阅读什么使DAPS不同,一个在加密货币领域取得巨大进展的项目。 您可以查看和下载白皮书从网站选项卡也是在这里: DAPS

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DAPS Legal Assistance Cryptopia Liquidation

We value our community at DAPS and we take matters like the Cryptopia hack and losses of our community seriously. We’ve given the Cryptopia case enough time and space to come forward with resolutions regarding the DAPS still left in … Read More

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