Bitcoin Hodler Game With DAPS Characters now LIVE

DAPS Coin Bitcoin Hodler

The first multiverse game for DAPS characters is now live and available to play. Need a break from news updates? Grab your mobile and have some fun with Bitcoin Hodler!

So the Enjin wallet integration allows Bitcoin Hodler to give access to branded decentralized items and community tokens such as Verderion & Arkenax. All you need to do is just download the app & link your wallet.

In the current version, you can do everything with Verderion & Arkenax except “EVOLVE” on the Blockchain. Since they are Fungible Tokens (FT) it is not possible to store token-specific data for each character – as all Arkenaxs and Verderions have the same ID (NFTs also have an Index which makes each character unique). This may change in future updates where we may allow local storage of character progress & levels.

Here is a list below to highlight what you CAN do in the current version of the game with your Verderion or Arkenax:

  • HODL & SKYROCKET – Enjoy two challenging game modes, Hodl on planet Earth, shoot to the moon and explore the outer space
  • EQUIP – Find legendary and unique Items & Spacecrafts to equip and empower your Hodlers 
  • BLOCKCHAIN ITEMS – Items in Bitcoin Hodler are backed with Enjincoin. Based on the ERC1155 token standard they enable true item ownership
  • DISCOVER – Explore your favourite Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Projects
  • CHALLENGE – Master numerous hodl challenges and unleash the monkeys
  • COMPETE – Regularly compete with your friends and a global community & win rare Blockchain game items
  • LIVE DATA MECHANIC – Push your ingame sentiment with game mechanics based on changes in live market data
  • Enjoy regular updates and competitions – Reach the  “All-Time-High” by collecting Bits – the virtual ingame currency in Bitcoin Hodler
        –  Climb up the leaderboard by hodling as LONG as possible to reach the “Best Run”

Sounds like a lot of fun doesn’t it? We will be giving away 30 x Verderion characters and 30 x Yellow Balloons which can save your funds when everything else fails to celebrate the launch and to get more blockchain gaming enthusiasts the opportunity to be able to play with DAPS characters. If you have a DAPS character already, you can get playing straight away.

Enter the Gleam Competition to WIN a Verderion and a Yellow Balloon perk.

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