BitMart Delays Notification



We’ve been made aware of ongoing delays at Bitmart with regard to withdrawals.

This has been seen for DAPS withdrawals and withdrawals of other currencies. After questioning Bitmart as to why the delays of up to 3 days long are happening and why they are saying it is ‘DAPS tech issues” they admitted that all withdrawals are now being manually verified.

We do not yet have a reason for this change in protocol from Bitmart other than ‘users are cheating’ and ‘security reasons’.

Our advice at this point is to remove unnecessary coins from Bitmart as just sudden change in protocol has us concerned and also that we feel your users experience having to wait up to 3 days long, contacting Bitmart constantly to ask for your withdrawals is not a pleasant user experience.

Again, not your keys, not your crypto. We feel that it is better to be safe than sorry and we want to inform you of the situation, what you do afterwards is up to you, but we have a responsibility to inform users.

Below some screenshots from users and comments from Bitmart team members:

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