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DAPS Launches Community Teams

As much as we all have been a part of DAPS in one way or another since its inception, today we are announcing a new step forward. From next week onwards, DAPS community teams will be available for community members … Read More

grant Thornton swap

DAPS Coin Swap with Grant Thornton Completed

Earlier this year (2019) Cryptopia exchange was hacked and DAPS token holders assets were stolen in this process. Some of the stolen assets were sold by the hacker but not all of the DAPS tokens on Cryptopia were lost. Grant … Read More

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Why Community Building is Important for a Crypto Project’s Success

In this blog I take a look at why community building is important. This is an opinion piece written as a DAPS team moderator/admin. The views expressed are my own and not necessarily the views of DAPS team or the … Read More