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DAPS Legal Assistance Cryptopia Liquidation

We value our community at DAPS and we take matters like the Cryptopia hack and losses of our community seriously. We’ve given the Cryptopia case enough time and space to come forward with resolutions regarding the DAPS still left in … Read More

daps airdrop

Personal Wallet & Bleutrade 100k Bonus Airdrop

On the 14th of March 2019 (today) we sent out the bonus airdrop for personal wallets between 6pm and 10pm UTC. This was successful. If you checked your wallet you provided for the previous airdrop claim process and you are … Read More

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Exchange Status & IDEX Delisting by Request

With the recent event of the Cryptopia hacker selling DAPS tokens, we would like to inform you that we have taken precautions to make it more challenging for the Cryptopia hacker to sell more tokens and destabilizing the market. As … Read More

CT Daps Update

Update Regarding Cryptopia Security Breach Possibly Involving DAPS Tokens

Cryptopia has not yet released an official statement regarding the alleged hack. We are waiting for an official statement from them and will not take part in any speculation. The only new update from Cryptopia so far is the following: … Read More

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Cryptopia Hack – DAPS Update

Dear DAPS community, Cryptopia has confirmed that they were hacked earlier today but the details of this hack aren’t known yet as it is a criminal investigation. Cryptopia cannot confirm which tokens/coins are compromised yet but with this in mind … Read More