DAPS bootstrap

DAPS Bootstrap Installation and Instructions

Updated: Feb. 6, 2020 In the event your wallet got stuck on an incorrect block count such as because of a fork or for any other reason, you can install the bootstrap. Please note that the bootstrap is only intended … Read More

please update daps

DAPS Version Update V1.0.2

This version update is mandatory for everyone including 3rd party service providers. We will not offer support for V1.0.1 after the 24th of October 2019. Warning:If you already have a DAPS wallet – Do not reinstall your wallet!Doing this could … Read More

audit red4sec and daps coin

DAPS Coin Audit Report by Red4Sec

Two months ago we announced that we appointed Red4Sec to do a security audit for the DAPS chain as this is a requirement by reputable exchanges AND the best step to take for our users to ensure we have a … Read More

daps cryptopia grant thorton

DAPS Mainnet and Cryptopia Update

DAPS will be undergoing a mainnet transition on 30 September 2019 lasting for a period of 60 days. A problem presented with the mainnet transition is many individuals of the DAPS community have DAPS Tokens stored in Cryptopia’s wallets. As … Read More

transition daps coin

DAPS Token to Coin Transition Process

DAPS Coin and entered into a partnership whereby the token to coin transition process would be jointly built. have an amazing platform for this and had success with previous projects. WARNING: make sure to carefully read the instructions … Read More