swft daps partnership

DAPS Coin and SWFT Partnership

DAPS Coin will be available for SWFT Blockchain’s swaps and payments starting November 20, 2019. SWFT Blockchain and DAPS Coin are proud to announce this new partnership as it’s also DAPS first mobile partner. This partnership will allow DAPS users to … Read More

swaps network partnership daps


Press release written by SWAPS.NETWORK SWAPS.NETWORK and DAPS entered into a partnership agreement to collaborate. Cooperation will include using SWAPS.NETWORK solutions to transition from the ERC-20 token of DAPS to their own blockchain. DAPS approached an important point on their … Read More

gary graham daps testnet

Forget the Moon, Let’s Explore the Universe

We are thrilled to announce a legendary VIP for the DAPS testnet and beyond! Hollywood star Gary Graham will be joining us for beta testing and giving us his valuable feedback about the world’s first fully-private trustless blockchain. Star Trek … Read More

Snode Daps

DAPS Coin and Snode Masternode Service Partnership

We are proud to announce that DAPS partnered with Snode to bring shared/dedicated/instant/ and soon masternode hosting as well as auto reinvestment to the DAPS community once the DAPS chain has been launched! Snode is one of the oldest shared … Read More