CoinExchange Claims Final Notice for Airdrop

CE closing

Dear CoinExchange claimants, this is an important notice!


Current claimants will NOT be allowed to submit additional information after the 19th of November as was sent out in the latest courtesy email to all CE claimants. We have sent multiple reminders to CE users, including a detailed guide on what screens we require on two separate blog post updates.


Please double-check your ticket and ensure you have provided all requested screenshots in a clear easy to read format. Any tampering or altering of your photos will lead to immediate blacklisting and so does multiple claims trying to game the system as we mentioned in all communications.


If your claim still has incomplete information after the 19th of November, we will be unable to process and verify your claim and your claim will be closed. This a final notice.


We will have another update with the timing of the CE batches within the next 10 days.


Thanks for being patient!

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