Cryptopia and DAPS Project Airdrop Update

Cryptopia New Zealand Crypto exchange DAPScoin DAPS DAPStoken erc20 ethereum token

We are thrilled to bring you today’s update. We are proud to announce CRYPTOPIA will be listing the DAPS token and also airdropping DAPS tokens to users who held Peepcoin on their exchange on the snapshot date.


We are glad to work with them to make this happen. Our community voted and donated to trade on Cryptopia, so the Project Coordinator made it a personal priority to get our token listed. The Project Coordinator has paid the full fee to facilitate this process. We are excited to keep working with Cryptopia and hope the community is happy with the news.


Cryptopia joins our partner exchange Bleutrade in confirming the automated airdrop process for their users. Each of our partner exchanges that we will be allocating DAPS tokens has additionally safeguarded the process and community by putting this agreement to paper to signify our mutual commitments.


The Cryptopia administration has been opening up their process and working to build deeper relationships with the communities that use and promote their platform. They recognized the value in cooperating with our project and bringing the DAPS token to Peepcoin holders.


We believe this cooperation and new friendship is a sign of things to come for our project as we will expand and grow relationships with reputable and established platforms like Cryptopia. Positive and mutually beneficial partnerships and friendships are our goals.


Thanks to Cryptopia for the assistance. Make sure to give the whole Cryptopia team appreciation! We look forward to this healthy, positive and forward-thinking partnership.


Happy trading!

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