DAPS and CoinExchange Update

coinexchange airdrop

Good news! We are glad to announce that DAPS will be airdropped and listed on CoinExchange.

We have been working hard with them to come to an agreement to best benefit their users and our community who held PCN and to also streamline the airdrop process for DAPS moving forward. Users who held Peepcoin on 06/27/2018 at 02:00 UTC on the exchange ‘CoinExchange’ may notice they had a DAPS balance. This was an error, being shown before it was finalized. This may not display for all users now. The DAPS tokens displayed are a placeholder until the DAPS tokens are distributed to the exchange and does not reflect the bonus. More details on the bonus process and distribution date will follow in official press releases. DAPS token deposits, withdrawals and trading will be disabled until an official distribution date.

CoinExchange will feature DAPS token markets in the future.

Thanks to CoinExchange for cooperating with us in this new chapter of our Project! We will have additional news regarding other exchanges as well.

We are prioritizing ensuring DAPS tokens enter as many user’s hands at the same time as possible.

And as always, thanks to our community for your support and patience!

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