Thanks for Celebrating DAPS Birthday with us!

Congratulations on your giveaway entries and good luck!

birthday daps

We are extremely excited about celebrating our first birthday as DAPS, thank you for being part of the journey.

Any questions easily contact the team on Telegram:

DAPS Coin V1.0.7.1 Mandatory Update

This version update is mandatory! As we all know by now, bugs are annoying! They pop up, annoy you and make things not function as expected. If you think they annoy you, you can imagine what they do to developers! … Read More

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dev update daps coin

DAPS Coin Development Update June 2020

Well, what a year it has been so far! Who would’ve thought that we’d be living in such times? As a team, we all hope that you guys are safe and healthy and doing well in these uncertain times. Now, … Read More

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daps coin patch release

DAPS Coin V1.0.6.6 Patch Release

This version update is mandatory! So as a few of you may be aware over the last few days there have been some nodes that have been going down. The DAPS Community Development Team noticed this a little before everyone … Read More

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stackofstake daps coin

DAPS Coin Now Available on StackOfStake

Integration onto the StackOfStake platform was a popular request since the end of last year by many users and now we are pleased to announce that this collaboration between DAPS coin and StackOfStake is available. Information worth knowing about: StackOfStake … Read More

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Budget 2019 and Progress to Date for 2020

We hope that everyone is staying safe and healthy in these challenging times. Not too long ago we celebrated the end of 2019 and the end of our swap to mainnet. Speaking of 2019 we could finally put together the … Read More

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