DAPS Coin Development, Exchanges and Second Airdrop Update

Daps mainnet development

We are excited to share news with you regarding DAPS Coin development.

The DAPS Coin Mainnet is in full-time development. This includes developers and designers working on the Mainnet, block explorer and wallet functionality.

The methodologies adopted within the development team gives us the ability to focus on outreach, marketing, claims processing and other work while the Mainnet is being built. The DAPS Coin Mainnet is scheduled for deployment in Q2 2019 and we will continue to give more updates on progress and some sneak previews into what’s coming.


Below we will describe the objectives for development in the current phases:


Key objectives for current phase:


  • Proof of Audit completion
  • Proof of Stake v3 integration
  • Masternodes including Multi-Masternodes
  • See-Saw block reward
  • Stealth Addresses
  • Functional block explorer that will enable reviewing chain health and emissions.
  • Closed beta TestNet


We will test PoA and PoS as foundational features, this gives a more realistic understanding of what issues may come up with such a unique hashing algorithm and consensus structure. We will move on to further advanced privacy features once completed.

The current phase will end with the launch of private TestNet for stress testing, security, penetration testing and Denial of Service attack tests in an attempt to break the network ‘in the field’.


The next phase will focus on the following:


  • RingCT
  • Tor Connectivity
  • OBFS4 implementation
  • Start public TestNet access application processes
  • Release of open beta TestNet to approved applicants


Along with the open beta TestNet release, bug bounties will be offered for those who find issues related to the net and the severity of the issues found.

Following successful testing of the TestNet, we will implement a further phase to have the code verified and certified by multiple 3rd party organisations.This will allow for a higher level of trust in the development process and the code base for current and future investors.

After the certifications have been given and any last remaining issues identified by the 3rd party organisations have been addressed and re-approved, Mainnet will be launched.

After Mainnet launch we will be looking at further phases of development in order to add new and exciting features to the wallets.


Currently the development team consists of:


UX Designer

Front End Developers

Back End Developers

Technical Project Manager

Solutions Architect


We look forward to a great journey building DAPS Coin and we thank you for being part of it!


New Exchange Listings


We have started expanding our exchange listings as the airdrop process ends we will turn towards building markets for our community and spreading our brand aggressively. As mentioned in previous updates, exchange listings can be some of the best ways to introduce yourself to new communities and show real progress for our investors.

Our project has learned how to succeed well at this task and we have many exciting breakthroughs to announce. We have a shortlist of exchanges we are working on listing with and actively engaging. We deeply respect our current and to-be partners, so we do not discuss details before we have finalized negotiations.


We have 3 exchanges to announce in this newsletter!




First, Crex24, whom we have previously announced on our Twitter. Crex is a modern, stable, and professional exchange that serves a healthy sized community. We believe medium-sized exchanges like Crex are positive to enter in the grand scheme, as it diversifies and decentralizes our marketplace.




Next, we have secured listing on STEX, also known as Stocks.Exchange.

Stocks.Exchange has recently rebranded their website and launched a new outreach initiative. STEX is easy to use and offers users a respectful administration that is actively engaged with their community.

Finally, we have special news to include with this section. It has been a long journey for us, and we have always been proud of the work we have put into our Project and building our community. This hard work has started to pay off in a serious way.




We are excited to announce the largest exchange DAPS has been associated with to date!


DAPS token will be listed on Mercatox shortly, a world-renowned legacy exchange with a reputation for high-quality service. Mercatox was one of the pioneers of the thriving modern exchange ecosystem we see today, and we are deeply honored to join their marketplace.

Additionally, we have put in requests to other exchanges that we believe we can be listed on at this time. This includes one top exchange. As we are an ERC20 token in this phase, we are limited to certain markets before we handle certain documentation. We will continue to give updates on new markets and listings as they come up.

Thanks to all of our current partners, and to all the ones we will have in the future! You’re the reason why cryptocurrency is so great. After all, without markets none of us would be here.

Fair, honest, professional exchanges should be cherished and we gladly promote any partner which works with us in this manner.




Meanwhile, as we work to spread to more services, our trusted partner Bleutrade has revealed their new logo and started their rebranding process! This is an exciting period for Bleutrade and DAPS, as we are consistently the #1 market on their exchange.

Congratulations Bleutrade, we look forward to growing with you as you aim to become a top exchange!

Join Bleutrade today and be ready for the big changes!



Second Batch Schedule and Processing Details

Daps Token


DAPS 2nd batch claims are being processed full time, this takes time to manually calculate all balances from the trade logs. Please be patient and keep an eye on your email verifying your total and wallet address from us. DAPS 2nd batch also includes problem claims.

We expect all claims to be finished in this batch.


Planned Second Airdrop Date:

31st of October 2018



Please refrain from bombarding our mods with the same questions over and over daily as it takes time away to focus on tech support for users. We will push all important updates out on our UPDATES channel:

https://t.me/DAPSUpdates and all our other social media channels.

Remember to reply to your Zendesk ticket if you feel you need to submit more information or left something out of your form. Mods on our channels can’t assist with this.


Please check your emails and respond if we need more info asap!

Forms are closed for NEW claims. However, changes can still be made to existing claims.



DAPS was in New York

daps nyc


Our co-founder Adel de Meyer was in New York last week on the invite from SAP to speak at the SDG Blockchain Festival during the United Nations General Assembly.

Women in Blockchain for SDGs and Entrepreneurial/Economic Empowerment was the topic of discussion. Exploring how blockchain technology contributes to the UN Sustainable Development Goals to end poverty, protect the planet, and ensure prosperity for all by 2030.


adel de meyer sap


Adel discussed the topic of privacy and how important it is for everyone to have the freedom to choose privacy as it is a human right.

She also shared insights into building businesses in the blockchain industry as a woman and what the future looks like for the adoption of cryptocurrency, government legislation and what some of the key challenges are that we are facing to make digital currency accessible for everyone across the globe.

Video material of the event will be available soon that we will share with you all.


akon and adel de meyer
Adel de Meyer and Akon



Hello CoinMarketCap



After just one day our token qualified to get on CoinMarketCap, the premiere index for all things cryptocurrency!

Check it out to see our rank, volume and current circulating supply. The final circulating supply will be known after the second airdrop is complete.



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While StockTwits started as a simple app built on the Twitter platform, the first to organize conversation around tickers using the cashtag (e.g. $AAPL), it has since grown into its own standalone social network of traders, investors, media, public companies, and investment professionals.

As the defining voice of “social finance,” StockTwits is the best way to find out what is happening right now in the markets and stocks you care about, and is re-imagining financial media for the next generation of investors.

Find us:

Ticker – https://stocktwits.com/symbol/DAPS.X

Profile – https://stocktwits.com/DapsCoin


Keep Track of Your DAPS Token Data and Portfolio

We are thrilled to be listed in most of the top crypto portfolio management applications now. Some of them include:






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