DAPS Coin Development Update June 2020

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Well, what a year it has been so far! Who would’ve thought that we’d be living in such times?

As a team, we all hope that you guys are safe and healthy and doing well in these uncertain times.

Now, let’s get to this development blog update!

TLDR aka Summary:

·       Wallet development review looks good

·       DAPS Testnet up and running

·       SecuX proof concept is up and running and working with a few tweaks required to finalise the DAPS side of things then they can begin full wallet integration into their systems

·       HitBTC is making good integration progress and should hopefully be up and running soon

·       Web wallet proof of concept is also complete and requires the same tweaks as we need for SecuX

·       There are going to be some changes in the upcoming months to alter DAPS for easier and faster integrations to other platforms

Wallet Development Review

Talk about stability! This thing ran for ages and we had very few issues with it. It was released on the 7th of February and ran like a dream.

We also did something around this release that was a complete upgrade, that not very many people knew about.

Remember way back when we were all using addnodes in the configuration file and complaining about how long it took to get connections?

We also thought this was annoying. So we took the time and built out a more distributed – in terms of geo-location – seed node system that would provide connections to wallets much more quickly and also feed wallets different connections to make sure that you didn’t always connect to the same nodes all the time.

And it worked! Most people are now able to connect to nodes within a few seconds, maximum a minute.

This was a big one. We had been working on this version for a few months.

We identified several areas of the wallet that we needed to update, optimize and adjust.

We also changed a few internal areas of the code in order to make it easier for exchanges to do a few checks.

This version ran for months without issues.

And then it came. Random crashes.

First, it was a few wallets, we thought it was odd, but also thought perhaps it was isolated incidents.

Then it started happening more and more. Because we were actively watching it, we were already looking into why it was happening even before the first community member or exchange reported it.

Initially, we thought it was something we had done. So we rolled back to But then we saw that it also suffered the same issues. So the investigation began in earnest.

Turns out that a simple ‘if statement’ was the cause.

The interesting thing to note with the issue was that not everyone has had it. Some nodes are still running today and have not had a single issue.

This was a patch release that we did in order to fix the issue that we had seen in

We also added in 1 or 2 little other changes that were waiting in the wings.

The feedback so far has been great. We have the following messages from some of our exchange partners:

“We are back in business. Everything looks fine. Daemon runs smoothly. Log file looks cleaner, without errors. I say awesome job guys! Thanks for the hard work again.” – TxBit

“Hi, dapscoind working fine, without any lag” – Stex

“Everything is still normal currently” – Bitmart

While there are still a few out there that are experiencing some problems. But those are mainly being sorted out.

DAPS Testnet

Why is this important? Well, can you imagine having to test a new version of the wallet and knowing that it might blow up your live mainnet wallet?
That’s what the devs and community test team have been putting on the line to test the new wallet versions.

From now on they won’t have to do it that way anymore. Using testnet we can test wallet changes, consensus rule changes and basically anything else we want to without putting people’s actual coins at risk.

This means that we can do much more in-depth and rigorous tests because if we lose a few million coins, no one cares, but at least we may have found a bug in the test that means folk won’t lose their mainnet coins.


SecuX development is moving along very well.

We have a proof of concept that is up and running and is currently being used for testing and improvement.

There are a few smaller things that still need to be added from our side before we can say that the DAPS api is complete, but this should be done within the next few days.

From there DAPS devs are moving onto code clean-up and optimisation while we also start building out the final production architecture and server setups.

Meanwhile, SecuX will be continuing with integration into their hardware wallets and iOS and Android wallet versions.

The beauty of this is that the underlying libraries and server setups are the same as what we are going to be using for the web and mobile wallets. So it’s a win for us all the way.

Web Wallets

Yes folks, they are coming.

Because they use the same tech as the SecuX solution we have been developing a basic web wallet on the side.

Here is a view of what it looks like right now:

We will obviously be giving the DAPS branding, but it is coming along very well. We are sorting out a few bugs in it, but it is starting to take shape.



HitBTC are still busy integrating us and have said that it is going well, they just need to get through their testing phases.

We will inform you all when they are happy and ready to go live.

Upcoming Changes

With things going the way that they have with SecuX and the great work being done there, we have realised that there are a few things that we need to change going forward.

One of the things that we have decided we need to change is the way that addresses are generated.

Right now all DAPS addresses are created using a seed. Currently that seed is “dapscoin seed”.

Whilst this is fine for our own wallets, it does make future integrations into other systems a little more difficult as it means that service providers, payment systems and others will have to create unique code to fit us in.

Almost everyone uses “bitcoin seed”. And in the future so will we.

We will be releasing a few bite-size, easy to digest updates regarding what this change means.

In terms of current wallets and privacy, it will have no effect.

In terms of current exchanges, it will have no effect.

But in terms of SecuX, web wallets, mobile wallets and new desktop wallets in the future (once this change has taken place), the addresses will change slightly.

Like I said though, we will be releasing some bite-size info about it so that it is easy to understand what the effects will be.

We have already tested sending and receiving coins from the different address types on the network and it works perfectly, so not to worry, your funds will be safu!

In conclusion

There has been a lot of work going on behind the scenes.

I would like to thank the Development team, SecuX and the community testers for their contributions to this project so far.

You guys have done a great job.

Beam me up, Scotty!

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