DAPS Coin is a Privacy Project to Watch in 2020

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DAPS has been hard at work building one of the world’s best fully private cryptocurrencies out there to date. The project was a full year in R&D and launched mainnet in September 2019. Since then the chain has been running safely and securely and the world is starting to take notice.

Read some of DAPS Coin top publications here and find out why it is a coin to watch in 2020:

🔹 AMB Crypto: DAPS coin, A New Privacy Platform bringing Complete Anonymity to the Industry
🔹 Cointelegraph: New Privacy Coin says it solves Problem with Monero and Zcash
🔹 Ajoobz: DAPS Review, Report, and Score
🔹 Crypto SHIB: DAPS Redefining Privacy Transactions
🔹 News BTC: SecuX Cross-Platform Crypto Hardware Wallet Partners With DAPS coin
🔹 Txbit Academy: Project introduction introducing DAPS
🔹 A look at Privacy coins and why DAPS will be Different
🔹 DAPS Privacy Features in a Nutshell
🔹 DAPS Reward System in a Nutshell
🔹 DAPS joins Gaming by launching Enjin Multiverse Collectibles

Reading through these articles you can clearly see why DAPS is a project to watch closely in 2020.

Let us know in the comments below what you think of privacy coins and the solution provided by DAPS.


  1. Jan

    DAPS is the privacy coin of the future. The one we all need. Can’t wait for DAPS success.

  2. Dutch Crypto Boss Dave

    Love DAPS Project and the community, we will be a privacy winner.

  3. Nils

    Dapscoin the best privacy coin in the world!!

  4. Classic Cornerstone

    The best privacy coin a man can buy.

  5. CryptoTPH

    Massive project, with massive room to grow!

  6. Ivan

    DAPS – future of anonymous coin! Let’s do it!

  7. MN

    Truly anonymous blockchain!
    I love #DAPScoin #DAPS

  8. Dirk Schmitt

    I Love the DAPS Community.
    Best privacy Coin in the market,
    outstanding Tech
    100% a Gem.

  9. Butuzov50000

    Dapscoin is strong 💪 😊

  10. Patrick Haas

    Mega coin und super team ich freu mich das ihr so gut arbeitet

  11. Mary

    This seems to be a promising project

  12. marketolognn

    DAPS is a revolution in the world of private blockchain!

  13. Dan

    DAPS privacy matters. Daps is the world’s first coin to implement Bulletproofs and RingCT & Ring Signatures in a staking chain. With DAPS it is possible to stake, run Masternodes and mine PoA blocks. It’s a non-ICO project with a great and active community!

  14. Nelson Paul

    So glad that I’m part of this great project. With the potential to revolutionize the crypto world with top notch privacy technology, I am lucky to be part of the community at this stage.

  15. Papi

    I’m pretty much lucky to have bought a few dapcoins ..
    For the past few weeks my faith in DAPs has been heightened.during the week we saw the partnership with secux(hardware wallet) and exchange listing and also the community bond which is the icing on the cake for me.I hope you continue to prove doubters wrong..cheers.

  16. sagunmurmu300

    privacy is right not privilege

  17. Mariela Carreón

    DAPS is one of the best projects we should all take a look at as it is still at an early stage

  18. Abdullah Ka

    Daps coin is the best privacy coin ever

  19. Kim

    good project, I wish you good luck

  20. Aleksandr

    great team, great project, keep it up!!

  21. fernando de olivieira miranda

    I desire that DAPS COIN wiil be Top Five in soon. The DAPS” project is very good, in brief will be in top five.

  22. fernando de olivieira miranda

    I desire that DAPS COIN wiil be Top Five in soon. The DAPS” project is very good, in brief will be in top five.

  23. fernando de olivieira miranda

    I desire that DAPS COIN wiil be Top Five in soon. The DAPS” project is very good, in brief will be in top five. The project is very ambisious!

  24. srk raidu

    System so social savvy for completing the tasks.

  25. Diego Boldrini

    Good Privacy Coin Project

  26. Steven Doyle

    Well we will see if the Developers can experiment on the fuctions DAPS and ovoid using valuable ETH for translation fees and once the testing is complete and daps will work it could finally be the Main Etherum Network.

  27. Richard

    True privacy is a right, not a privilege!

  28. Imadaris

    Well Daps coin is a great project which we all support and we all wishing a bright future for it, and we who can help daps coin to go higher

  29. BoomPanot


  30. Jerry Marks


  31. Денис Савельев

    Отличная Монета!..беру на всю котлету!)) и вам дамы и господа советую!…Дапс сала!

  32. starry7

    Dapscoin is a good project, it has partenerd with hotbit which is trust worthy , so i strongly believe dapscoin will be of good value in future.

  33. Mauro Ramos

    Great project!

  34. Murat

    I follow Daps for 2 years . I hope it will be much better. Maybe we’ll drive our Lambos lol

  35. Harish Jangra

    Great Project

  36. Ivica

    Good project..

  37. Ivan Petrov

    DAPS is one of the most interesting and promising crypto projects for investment in 2020!

  38. Nataly

    DAPS has a great potential

  39. Precious Ogweremu

    Huge potential, we will be watching

  40. Vladimir41

    DAPS solves the problem of privacy and provides unique opportunities for users!

  41. BraveHolder

    I love this project for three main reasons:

    1) Privacy
    2) Staking
    3) Masternodes

    I am following with great interest the development of DAPS!

  42. Zurab Poletin

    DAPS (Decentralized, Anonymous, Payment, System) is a new project that can not only be a great investment, but also has more privacy features than any other coin.

  43. Anatoly404

    Daps is a strong project that focuses on privacy, which means it has great potential.

  44. Игорь Федотов

    The DAPS project aims to solve the trust problem in a completely anonymous system with a completely new protocol.

  45. Konstantin

    DAPS is one of the most promising and fastest growing projects in the masternode market! Keep it up guys!

  46. Cor Blanksma

    Full privacy!

  47. Nebukenazzer

    DAPS have established great things these past months the magnificent wallet with great features like masternodes staking mining etc and DAPS updates are great to read and really transparent..
    DAPS TEAM is the best💪 looking forward towards the future of privacy with DAPS !!

  48. Hubert Farnsworth

    The DAPS project is still in its early stages and therefore may be a great time for investors to scoop up some coins, while market capitalization is still low.

  49. Winland

    Have followed DAPS since the beginning and i must say it has the best community of all the projects i have followed 🙂

  50. Bobby

    Privacy coins always seem to have good staying power. Look forward to seeing the progress on this one

  51. MrCoinCoin

    Awesome Project and Team !!!👌

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