DAPS Coin May 2021 Update

DAPS Coin May 2021 Update

A very exciting and busy month in DAPS world as we could launch on the BSC chain bringing you the option of having a DAPS token called DAPSW. Hopefully our liquidity pool on Pancakeswap will grow in size and activity as more people adopt this token version. If you missed the news and the process please read our blog post about this new development, it has all the answers for you: https://officialdapscoin.com/daps-coin-is-going-defi-with-the-launch-of-dapsw-on-binance-smart-chain/ 


Hotbit recovered from their hack and DAPS trading and wallets became available again which we are grateful for.


HitBTC finally updated the DAPS wallets so please check ASAP if you can withdraw your DAPS from there.


Stex delisted us without notice so please remove your DAPS from there ASAP!


The end of the month is here so we have the bills to pay, if everyone donates the amount can be covered pretty fast. We have about a week left before we face account suspension with the services. These bills cover services such as the API used by the web wallets, Rapids and SecuX, hosting of DAPS websites, our seed nodes for the network and block explorer.


Costs for May for DAPS servers:


AWS $803.97

MongoDB $257.79

Digital Ocean $175.24


Total needed: $1237 USD

Please contribute to the following options:

https://bit.ly/CommunityDAPS – Paypal



Memo 36210886

















DaoHaus finally completed the generic proposal template we required for the DAPS community use case. So we will move ahead to summon the DAO so the community can take over the project and do as they see fit through proposals and voting. We should have this done in the next week or two and will keep you posted on the progress.