DAPS Coin Oct / Nov Update

DAPS Coin Oct / Nov Update

Hi DAPS community,

Here is a summary of events for October and November as we now hit the start of December and nearly the end of 2020!

Web Wallets:

We released – what we all still believe is the best-looking crypto wallet ever – at the end of September. We had a good uptake of people using them and the servers weren’t too overloaded, which was good for users. They have been very well received overall, with plenty of amazing feedback, with only a few folks who got confused about the Bitcoin seed check option. Other than that, everyone seems to be very happy with them, from the aesthetics to the ease check option. 

Mobile Wallets

Mobile is currently being worked on, but we have run into a snag with DAPSJS library. It doesn’t work well within React Native (the language we are doing the mobile apps in). The interface is almost done, but it won’t help if we can’t figure out how to convert the dapsjs lib to work with it. If any developers can help with this, reach out to us, please.

Features that will be available once we can figure out the challenges:

1. Multi-wallet support. Only DAPS wallets, but you can now manage as many wallets as you want to;

2. Account backup feature. We are going to allow you to save a password encrypted backup of your account to your desired location;

3. Account restore. This links with the backup function whereby if you are changing devices you can get a copy or your backup and restore it to your current / new device;

4. 2FA. Additional security for your funds, this is a must-have, further cementing our commitment of allowing you to be your own bank, safely.

Github for mobile development is currently closed hence why you won’t see it yet on the official DAPS Coin Github.


SecuX has been a fruitful partnership, they really are a great organisation to work with. They have helped us in many more ways than just with developing hardware wallets. Many of the concepts and code that went into the web wallets, especially the API and backend systems and the testing, was thanks to their ingenuity and experience in this sector.

Now onto the hardware wallets, they are effectively complete.
We identified some minor bugs along the way and those have been systematically taken care of, tested and retested. Integration was successful and has been completed and all the pre-order recipients received their hardware wallets.

Read a SecuX DAPS limited edition wallet review here written by tech influencer Nick Ross – Read Blog

PolisPay and Rapids Integration

Both PolisPay and Rapids integrations are almost complete.
We should be entering testing with PolisPay soon. Rapids testing is already underway at the moment, thanks to our testers! Upon final testing and resolution of any bugs found, these integrations will be a welcome addition to the DAPS ecosystem.

Emirex Community Listing

As you all know we won the listing vote for Emirex on Twitter. After further conversations with the Emirex management team there were requirements to outlay thousands of dollars in DAPS and USDT to get the project listed in market-making fees, so due to this requirement that it is not ‘free’ as they claimed we won’t be moving forward with this listing at this time. We might consider it in the future.

What’s Next?

Updated roadmap release
Budget report for 2020
December wrap-up blog update
Mandatory DAPS version release – fixes for POA

Swap – Fork – DAPS 2

Warning! Do NOT follow any advice or information from people claiming that there is a new DAPS project or a swap happening, this is completely fake news and you should block these scammers immediately. Do NOT follow any links they give you as it could be a phishing link and you will lose your personal information or worse.

Be careful out there, only believe official updates in our official channels and current active official team members being Adel, Andrew, Stuart, Roland, Dave, Justin, Charley, Maru and ZZ.

Festive Season

The year won’t be complete without a great Christmas giveaway so stay tuned to find out what festive celebrations we have in store!