DAPS Coin V1.0.5.7 Update

daps version 5

This version update is NOT mandatory.





If you already have a DAPS wallet – Do not reinstall your wallet!
Doing this could completely overwrite your wallet.dat file and if that happens (even if you use the same password) your wallet will be gone!

Also, ensure you regularly backup your wallet and have your recovery phrase written down and safely stored.

Upgrade Process << READ THIS CAREFULLY

The upgrade process should be done as follows if your wallet is running:

  1. Go to the settings screen.
  2. Backup your wallet.
  3. Close your wallet.

If your wallet is closed (not running) do the following:

Search for your wallet.dat file. Copy your wallet.dat file and paste it somewhere very safe. This step is very important!!

Steps to Upgrade DAPS QT Wallet


  • Replace the dapscoin-qt application with the new one that you have downloaded (copy and paste)
  • Start the dapscoin-qt wallet.
  • Once the wallet is fully synchronised, backup your wallet immediately.

At this point you may see one 1 of several scenarios:

  1. Wallet may begin resyncing with the chain.
  2. Wallet may require a rescan of the transactions.
  3. Wallet may detect a corrupt block database and require and a resync.
  4. Wallet may start up normally.
  5. If you had staking enabled and didn’t turn it off, staking may re-enable automatically. This may cause an auto-recombine. Please be patient and let the wallet do its work. Please remember that a transaction has to be 1 hour old in order for it to mature for staking. If your wallet says “Enabling Staking…” then that is what it is doing.

In all of these circumstances including a normal startup, give the wallet time to do what it needs to.

Under NO circumstances should you force stop the wallet AT ALL. Doing this could cause more issues.

It may seem like it is not responding, but the wallet has to go through every transaction in every block including the decoys in order to determine if a transaction was indeed for you.

If you are getting 0 connections, then please follow these steps and allow for some time between steps:

  1. Ask one of the admins for the dapscoin.conf edits for the connections.

Missing Masternodes

Please remember that if a rescan or resync takes place, your masternodes will seem like they have disappeared. They have not gone anywhere!

What has happened is that your wallet is not yet sync’d up to the block where they were created. Please give it some time.

Supported Versions:

There are also going to be some changes to the support process.
The current supported operating systems are the following:

  1. Windows 10 64bit
  2. Windows 10 32bit
  3. Ubuntu 18.04
  4. Mac OS Mojave
  5. Raspberry Pi

What Does V1.0.5.7 Entail?

DAPS Coin Version v1.0.5 (incl. v1.0.5.1 through v1.0.5.7)

Improvements Made

– Qt: Check and inform if a blank space is found at the end of a Mnemonic Recovery Phrase entry
– Qt: Update to Qt LTS v5.9.9
– Qt: Don’t auto-ban whitelisted nodes
– Qt: Exit the Create Coin Stake loop if keychain wallet is currently locked
– Qt: Improved the “Are You Sure?” dialog when sending a transaction; also now shows the estimated transaction fee
– Qt: Restore appMenuBar (File Menu)
– Qt: Added links for Help, FAQ, Block Explorer API, Socials, and other useful items to appMenuBar
– Qt: Default to sort by Confirmations on History screen
– Qt: Add function to “Show DAPScoin Folder” – F2 shortcut or in menus
– Qt: Updated translations
– RPC: New resyncfrom command – used to invalidate and resync from a certain block
– RPC: New rescan command – used to rescan wallet from 0 (a simplified rescanwallettransactions)
– RPC: Provide feedback by outputting a “Done” message for any command that has finished running in the background
– RPC: Added more output when launching daemon (currently version, masternode or not)
– Qt/RPC: New .conf file option minersleep= (default 30000 = 30sec) to change how often the miner thread sleeps
– Qt/RPC: Add locked, immature to getbalances
– Qt/RPC: Various upstream improvements
– Qt: Introduce a basic Lite Mode wallet – disabling Staking/Masternodes for a simpler wallet experience
– Checkpoints for better syncing
– Updated Depends system from upstream
– Updated debug logging

Bugs Fixed

– Qt: Fix false positive error about duplicate proof of stake
– Qt: Fix double locked coin when wallet and MN are on same machine
– Qt: Windows keychain wallet sometimes gets stuck in endless ‘rebuild database’ UI loop
– Qt: Fix sort by Confirmations on History screen
– Qt: Fix Spendable showing Locked coins


– Added Linux AppImage download option for QT (dapscoin-qt.AppImage.zip)
– Added support for riscv64-linux-gnu


Release Highlights:



 Important about Lite Mode:

If you are running masternodes DO NOT switch on Lite Mode as you won’t receive rewards.
If you want to stake DO NOT switch on Lite Mode as you won’t receive rewards.


Please note: when enabling staking on this version a number of consolidation transactions will have to be done on your behalf. There can be a long waiting period between the time you enable staking to the time staking itself is actually enabled itself. These waiting periods will vary from wallet to wallet and can be anything from 5 minutes up to several hours.

No changes have been made to the DAPS PoA miner, continue using your current miner. Thank you.

Win 10

We support 64bit.


We support Ubuntu 18.04 for Linux.



We support OS Mojave for Mac.


Win 10

We support 32-bit.


We have more versions available but they’re unsupported.


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