DAPS Coin Swap with Grant Thornton Completed

grant Thornton swap

Earlier this year (2019) Cryptopia exchange was hacked and DAPS token holders assets were stolen in this process. Some of the stolen assets were sold by the hacker but not all of the DAPS tokens on Cryptopia were lost. Grant Thornton was appointed to deal with the liquidation process of Cryptopia and DAPS team acquired the legal representation for the community from Agile Legal Consulting in Melbourne Australia.

The remaining tokens had to be swapped to DAPS coins otherwise Grant Thornton would be left with assets that then becomes unusable, so DAPS management reached out to Grant Thornton to cooperate in swapping the remaining assets.

Today the swap process has been completed and Grant Thornton now has DAPS coins instead of DAPS tokens.

Burn of DAPS tokens they had in their custody can be seen here:

SEE ETH Explorer

We would like to thank Grant Thornton for their cooperation that brings everyone closer to a solution in recovering losses. The case is with the New Zealand courts at the moment and this process is outside the control of DAPS project. Moving forward DAPS team has no legal responsibility towards users regarding the outcome of the court case and Grant Thornton’s handling of the DAPS coin assets.

Please follow these channels for further updates regarding Cryptopia:

Cryptopia Twitter

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Please feel free to contact our legal representation for the DAPS community regarding this case with your questions as we cannot give advice or speculate on any outcome regarding this case.

Agile Legal Melbourne – https://www.agilelegal.com.au/ – Mr Zappino

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