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Opportunity for New Listings

Great news! We achieved the approval of the OKex and Coinall review team to start with a Coinall listing which leads to an OKex listing if we achieve the minimum of 500 – 1000 users who sign up to Coinall, trade or deposit DAPS on Coinall and current OKex users count towards this requirement too that trades DAPS.

Let’s Expand Our Markets For Faster Adoption

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We will keep updating the progress bar to reflect the status of donations received. The current goal is 8 BTC





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Well Poisoning

CoinAll and OKEx share a world-class security system, a clientele of 20 million users, deep market depth and high market liquidity, sparing no effort to offer users the best crypto-trading experience.

CoinAll has recently shifted its focus to promoting community culture and launching community-centric and quality projects, which will gain the priority to list on OKEx once they meet OKEx’s expected criteria. CoinAll believes that community projects can serve investors from the secondary market to the full extent and maximize their interests.

CoinAll actively cooperates with all communities while selecting quality community projects, in the hope to benefit more users from our community culture and become the most user-friendly crypto-trading platform.

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