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DAPS Project Update and Recap February 2021


As you all know, in December we had a successful hard fork that fixed the PoA miner issues we had been experiencing. This hard fork took place at block 804362.

 This hard fork was extremely successful and went very very smoothly.

No issues were experienced by either exchanges or users. The only unfortunate thing is that we have seen a lot of connections to older wallets. This is not good as it means that there are still a lot of users that have not yet upgraded. 

If you are one of those users that has not yet upgraded to the latest version, then please do so asap. Help is available in DAPS tech support on Telegram here: https://t.me/DAPSTechSupport 

Regarding DAPS mobile wallets, we have a few community members currently looking at this code and they are looking to see if they could finish this up for the project. We thank those involved for their time and contributions.

We reached out to the exchange who created wrapped Monero to do the same for DAPS, they came back to us with the information that a coin listing will need to be done on the exchange, and that way they can look at facilitating the swapping of DAPS coin to DAPS tokens and vice versa. Starting costs involved are around $35 000 USD.

DAPS code is open-source on GitHub, we invite all developers to contribute towards the code for the project. https://github.com/dapscoin 


Bitmart: Bitmart will be going on pause for the foreseeable future. There are a few reasons for this:

  1. Trading volume there is low.
  2. With a low trading volume we risk delisting

So we have worked on an agreement with Bitmart whereby they will be pausing the DAPS listing and not allowing trading or deposits, but we will not be delisted. This means that as soon as we are ready again, we can simply reactivate the listing without having to go through the listing process again and not having to pay the fees etc all over again. Please withdraw your DAPS from Bitmart ASAP.


Probit: Probit have refused to upgrade their wallet if we do not pay them for it. They have also refused to delist and return peoples coins to them unless we pay them for it. This is clearly against the contract we signed with them and goes against everything that crypto is meant to be, but as they say: “not your keys, not your crypto”. We have tried over and over to convince them otherwise, but they refuse to do the right thing. We never had this sort of behaviour from any other exchange and find this behaviour by Probit absolutely disgraceful. Please keep contacting and tweeting them until they release your funds to you.

HitBTC: As you know by now, HitBTC fell for the rubbish fud against us – the only exchange or partner to do so – and have decided to delist us.
Users are advised to withdraw their coins ASAP and to keep messaging HitBTC at every single contact avenue you can find. They are scamming users out of their coins with zero reasons to do so.

HitBTC has been telling users that there are issues with the DAPS blockchain, that it is broken and not producing any blocks, which is a complete lie. They just use this as an excuse to not upgrade the wallet version to keep users’ coins to dump on the market as soon as it is high enough again for their liking. (Another reason why the team never wanted to list on HitBTC to begin with, their reputation and actions are terrible)

All other exchanges: All other exchanges will remain as they are right now as seen on the DAPS markets page: https://officialdapscoin.com/markets/

Community Donations and Costs

Community donations have come along relatively well thanks to those who donated, we appreciate your assistance in the project.

It has been very good to see that there are those (albeit a small percentage) in the community who are interested in the project as a whole and not just profits.The donations will be an ongoing thing until such time as the project can be kept afloat again by the market. Those who helped to cover the bill for January, you rock, we did it!

Again if we do not receive donations, services such as the API (used by the web wallets, Rapids and SecuX) will be turned off as will the web wallet itself, website and seed nodes for the network.

This will not affect the chain, exchanges, desktop wallets and the block explorer.

Projected cost for February for DAPS servers:

AWS – $875 USD

MongoDB – $200 USD

Digital Ocean $125

Total +- 1200 USD – A much lower bill as we’ve cut down even more services and also didn’t have to deindex and rescan this month due to disconnections. Please donate so long as the end of February is around the corner. Thank you!

Donation Addresses:

DOGE address


LTC address


For the Foreseeable Future

DAPS will continue as is in its current idle state. The chain will continue running and desktop wallets, exchanges, and the block explorer will remain unaffected.

  1. Donations will have to continue in order to keep the current services running as we have mentioned before.

2. Right now we are investigating setting up a DAO for DAPS so the project can become fully decentralized and run by the community and no teams. If you are not familiar with DAO’s you can read up about it here – https://hackernoon.com/what-is-a-dao-c7e84aa1bd69 


3. We are also still investigating a big exchange listing, we have a DAPS community member who really wants to make this possible, so hopefully, we can get this listing through soon too for the project.

4. We received a few recommendations, ideas and thoughts from you all in the channels and in DM’s and we look into them all. Thanks for your contribution in brainstorming and to those already helping with development, content creation and business development / marketing, you are awesome, the community and team members are grateful for your time and efforts.

5. Still up and coming for DAPS later this year is Carbon and Age of Rust.


We recently ran a giveaway to celebrate Carbon Social and Age of Rust. Winners get a DAPS gaming NFT and also 1000 Carbon tokens. This is a prize valued at over $150 USD, so congrats to our lucky winners – https://gleam.io/t6PsR/daps-gaming-nft-and-carbon-tokens-giveaway 

Please DM @dapscoin on Twitter from your Twitter account used for Gleam and give us your NFT and CRBN token addresses.