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DAPS Gaming NFT and Carbon Tokens Giveaway

Later this year DAPS characters will be playable in their own unique puzzle episode in the most anticipated game of the year called Age of Rust. They are making great progress with the game and beta will be available soon via Steam. The DAPS characters will be available later in the year as they are only launching season 1 of Age of Rust, for now, so hold on to your NFT!

We are giving away 3 lucky winners each a Verderion NFT that will be required to play this puzzle.

DAPS NFT and DAPS character designs done by Age of Rust

To celebrate our collaboration with Carbon, DAPS is proud to announce that we will be giving away 1000 CRBN each to 3 lucky winners.

Please remember to go and claim your unique usernames here on Carbon before someone else grabs it. It is free, no gas needed.

For those of you who don’t know who Carbon (CRBN) is where have you been hiding?

We also trended on both CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap simultaneously which resulted in even more user signups, and great trading volume for the CRBN tokens. All in all, Carbon is very healthy right now.

We’re going to apply a special “OG” badge to the first 250 users who created an account AND hold some CRBN tokens in their wallet at the time. Currently that’s about 100 people, so 150 more to go. The badge will appear in their Carbon profile as a permanent reminder that they were an early adopter and supporter. This badge will be applied shortly after Beta is released and will be one of many badges Carbon users can earn for various achievements.

ENTER our Gleam competition to stand a chance to win a NFT and 1000 CRBN tokens. Good luck!