DAPS Launches Community Teams

help daps grow

As much as we all have been a part of DAPS in one way or another since its inception, today we are announcing a new step forward. From next week onwards, DAPS community teams will be available for community members to join and take part in activities directly impacting growing and strengthening the DAPS project and ecosystem.

These teams are specifically created to handle aspects of DAPS in a much more structured and democratic fashion and as they say ‘many hands make light work’. Together we can achieve a lot more.

Outlined in the document below is the new structure and planning that will allow for much greater member input, activity and to leverage the greatness that lies within our community. Through this, all of you will have the chance to apply to join a team where you feel that your individual skills and passions can help the most. The application details will follow shortly.

Click on the image to view a larger version. Image is in the PDF document below too.

There will be multiple groups, for example, development, marketing, community management and more. It’s time to get the collective pushing towards a greater future by allowing you to have a more direct impact on the things that matter.

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