DAPS/Peepcoin community votes needed

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Dear DAPS community, we need your vote.


We have launched a poll to decide if there should be another snapshot of Peepcoin beyond the current 1:1 snapshot.

The community has asked us to change the previous voting option to something more secure, as it appears people are voting multiple times and skewing the results.

We will be setting a 24-hour time limit on the poll as was suggested by community members.

The first snapshot was 06/27/2018 02:00 UTC. Users who held Peepcoin up until block 1120535 are eligible to receive DAPS. The ‘snapshot’ is a picture at a point in time of the blockchain, including wallets and transactions. Any wallets with ANY balance are now eligible to become DAPS. If you sold Peepcoin after this time, you still have your DAPS.

This poll determines whether we will have an additional snapshot of Peepcoin for another airdrop of DAPS.

Users who held Peepcoin on ANY wallets are eligible to receive DAPS when the ERC transition token is ready. The details and steps of this process will be posted. Users are encouraged to NOT delete any of their old Peepcoin wallet.dat files or other information, as this will be used to prove your holdings at that moment.

If users vote yes, we will have another Peepcoin snapshot at a to-be-determined ratio. This will cause the DAPS supply to be higher than current Peepcoin levels when DAPS coin goes live. This may negatively impact the inflation and distribution of DAPS coin.

If users vote no, we will be officially separated from Peepcoin. This will cause our full focus to turn towards deploying the DAPS ERC token and to start the manual DAPS airdrop process to users included in the first snapshot.


Please follow this link to cast your vote:


This is a very important decision for everyone involved in this community and project. Please think your decision through thoroughly before voting.

You only have 1 vote. Please make it count!



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