DAPS Personal Wallet Claim Announcement

DAPS token airdrop personal wallet claim form erc20 ethereum

Notice: Include ALL your addresses that held Peepcoin. Read this article for a guide!


We are proud to announce the DAPS airdrop claim process has officially begun.


Thank you for being patient with the technical difficulties we experienced in integrating the form to include support and also encrypt user data. We also had to test the forms multiple times to ensure all bugs were addressed and that the process is as user-friendly as possible.


Please be careful and fill out the form correctly so we can ensure you get your DAPS tokens properly and keep support time to a minimum. We are a small team so your cooperation will be highly appreciated.


You must have held Peepcoin at 06/27/2018 on 02:00 UTC to qualify for the DAPS token airdrop. This form is for users who held Peepcoin on a PERSONAL (PC) wallet.


The DAPS project has a Zendesk help center for now entirely focused on serving the airdrop process. Once you have submitted the personal claim form you will get an email from Zendesk with a link to your SUPPORT TICKET. This is where our team will follow up with you and you can also use this form to add comments or any other info needed. PLEASE try to eliminate the need for extra support as much as possible.


Users who submit personal wallet claims will be collected and processed and released in batches at yet to be confirmed dates. These batches will be done in a scheduled format. The DAPS token distribution will be done in this way to give a significant number of users who held on personal and exchange wallets their tokens at the same time.


The EXCHANGE claim form will come later to give the exchanges we are currently in contact with more time to coordinate as some of them are currently experiencing technical difficulties like TradeSatoshi for example. We are also awaiting final confirmations from Cryptopia and CoinExchange and also need legal agreements signed. This all takes time unfortunately and is outside of our direct control.


Click below to fill in your personal wallet claim information:



Any users found spamming our form or trying to game the system will be blacklisted and not receive any DAPS tokens. We have a zero tolerance policy towards this behaviour.


Thanks to everyone for being patient and we look forward to seeing DAPS tokens in your wallets as soon as possible!

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