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transition daps coin

DAPS Token to Coin Transition Process

DAPS Coin and SWAPS.network entered into a partnership whereby the token to coin transition process would be jointly built. SWAPS.network have an amazing platform for this and had success with previous projects. WARNING: make sure to carefully read the instructions … Read More

DAPS Update 1.0.4

DAPS Coin V1.0.4 Update

This version update is NOT mandatory. Warning:If you already have a DAPS wallet – Do not reinstall your wallet!Doing this could completely overwrite your wallet.dat file and if that happens (even if you use the same password) your wallet will … Read More

DAPS bootstrap

DAPS Bootstrap Installation and Instructions

Updated: 17/11/2019 In the event your wallet got stuck on an incorrect block count such as because of a fork or for any other reason, you can install the bootstrap. Please note that the bootstrap is only intended for wallets … Read More

swft daps partnership

DAPS Coin and SWFT Partnership

DAPS Coin will be available for SWFT Blockchain’s swaps and payments starting November 20, 2019. SWFT Blockchain and DAPS Coin are proud to announce this new partnership as it’s also DAPS first mobile partner. This partnership will allow DAPS users to … Read More

DAPS Mainnet Development – The Journey So Far

DAPS Development A detailed look behind the scenes of DAPS development before, during and after mainnet release on the 30th of September 2019. By Andrew aka DAPS Spock Contents Leading up to Mainnet.  Why did we build this new staking … Read More

new update to download DAPS V1.0.3

DAPS Coin V1.0.3 Update

This version update is mandatory for everyone including 3rd party service providers. We will not offer support for V1.0.2 after the 31st of October 2019. Warning:If you already have a DAPS wallet – Do not reinstall your wallet!Doing this could … Read More