We Transform Our Community's Vision into Reality

This is the general development fund intended to cover costs related to DAPS ongoing development. All donated funds will be used towards DAPS development, marketing, legal and software. The donated funds used will be reported to the community in terms of what and where it was spent.

We are a stronger community together! With your help we can go even further and realise the vision of DAPS!

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Donation Progress Bar

We will keep updating the progress bar to reflect the status of donations received. The current goal is $40 000 USD.


Our Community

We all see the need for financial privacy and the need to have control over our finances without a middleman that can cut it off at the push of a button. The DAPS community is what makes this project strong as everyone is working towards the same goal.

We invite you to become part of this movement if you aren’t already and let’s build something that will change lives around the globe.

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