DAPS Update Regarding Swap and Airdrops


After our last announcement, the community was clear about what they wanted. The DAPS-Peepcoin swap will not be cancelled but adjusted to fit the current situation. The project will continue. We are not exiting this project in any way, and plan to bring it to you as envisioned. We are 100% committed to this project as a team. Our first concern was trying to inform investors regarding the rich list. We apologize for having this misguided priority and the suddenness of the announcement.


We have listened and will airdrop DAPS to holders of Peepcoin as of the announcement date. Repeat: any balances held on Peepcoin wallets will be considered valid DAPS airdrop/swap addresses. This means that the Peepcoin-DAPS process will not be automated, but manual. This means that coins which are illegitimate or otherwise owned by the old developer can be blacklisted. This also means anyone who held Peepcoin prior to 06/26/2018 will be able to claim DAPS. [TIMESTAMP: 06/27/2018, 02:00 UTC]


We will be working on the details of this proposal further. But the AUTOMATED chain-to-chain swap of Peepcoin-DAPS will change, to be replaced by a manual airdrop process. The original swap was to ensure our team has no say in who gets coins, but the community assures us that a blacklisting system is preferable to automating the process if it facilitates a swap/airdrop to DAPS.


We presented the current rich list, and how the old developer of Peepcoin has a hand in these coins. You have determined this does not matter. We believed, that as a community revival project, this revelation was enough to require a full separation of our chains. You, the community, have decided this distribution is not a concern. Only the old developer’s addresses and coins from these addresses will be blacklisted.


Please understand we are humans too and do not always make the perfect decisions. There will be more news coming forth regarding the structure of the project and organization.


Moving forward DAPS leadership will present ideas, options and choices to the community to vote on. We apologize dearly and thank you for your support.


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