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DAPS BSC tokens are pegged to DAPS 1 to 1. You can acquire DAPS on exchanges to swap at a bridge to DAPSW and vice versa. DAPSW you can receive LP token rewards and more. Important to note that your 100% privacy gets lost once you use tokens like BSC or ETH.

Token Contract Address:


Token Symbol: DAPSW

Decimals: 8

You will need BNB in your wallets to pay for gas fees when you want to do transactions.

Bridge is available at:

The token is on Pancakeswap, you can buy DAPSW there without KYC, BUT to swap your DAPS to DAPSW and vice versa, you will need to use Txbit bridge service.

DAPS BSC token (DAPSW) will not be traded on TxBit.