Exchange Status & IDEX Delisting by Request

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With the recent event of the Cryptopia hacker selling DAPS tokens, we would like to inform you that we have taken precautions to make it more challenging for the Cryptopia hacker to sell more tokens and destabilizing the market.

As soon as the hacker’s sales were detected we immediately contacted the exchanges to take measures against this. As a result, Bleutrade and IDEX temporarily froze DAPS markets while STEX restricted trading to only allow users who have been verified through KYC.

It has become apparent to us that unfortunately, it is extremely difficult to prevent the hacker from selling DAPS tokens on IDEX through comprehensive and reliable countermeasures due to the technical nature of how Decentralized Exchanges (DEX) work. With IDEX being the main target of the hacker to sell DAPS tokens we have decided to take hard countermeasures in order to protect the markets from the hacker.

Quoting IDEX:

“So we are a non-custodial exchange. We can’t block people from withdrawing as it means we would be taking custody of funds. In some cases, withdraws can be delayed but never prevented.
This is true of any non-custodial exchange.”

Here is the IDEX contract address where you can check all the movements and verify information or more questions you might have at your own convenience:

View Contract Address for IDEX

After contacting IDEX we have requested to delist DAPS Token from IDEX until further notice. With that said, the delisting is a temporary countermeasure and IDEX agreed to list DAPS Token again by request once we are ready to do so. Big shout-out to IDEX for their quick response times and execution of our requests!

In the meantime, Bleutrade has resumed trading again and there is currently a poll in the DAPS Official and Updates channels on Telegram on whether STEX should maintain their trading restrictions for non-verified accounts or not.

We are considering all options to keep our liquidity healthy, including new exchanges. Please don’t be concerned that we might be closing all DAPS markets, we will not let the hacker cripple us and will keep on pushing forward with mainnet just around the corner.


Stex trading – Verified users only

Bleutrade – Trading as normal

IDEX – Closed for now

Crex24 – Deposits are still closed

Mercatox – High confirmations count

NEXT.Exchange – Open

Bitladon – Open

As always thanks for your support and we wish you a wonderful weekend.


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