Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is DAPS a staking coin?

    Yes. Due to the nature of POSV3 staking on the DAPS chain, web wallets cannot stake as they cannot contribute to the DAPS network, therefore cannot receive rewards. Staking is only available on the full node desktop wallet or through a staking pool provider.

  • Can I run a masternode with DAPS?

    Yes. Due to the nature of Masternodes, you cannot run a masternode from the web wallet. This is only available using the full node desktop wallet or a 3rd Masternode provider. Check our masternodes pages.

  • What are the benefits of using the DAPS web wallet over a full node desktop wallet?

    You can save considerable time, the DAPS web wallet does not need to sync a local full copy of the DAPS blockchain unlike a desktop wallet Access your funds anywhere on PC / Mac / Linux and on your mobile device browser! Web Wallets do not have system requirements like full nodes do. As long as you have a web browser, you can use them.

  • What is Bitcoin Seed?

    DAPS Desktop wallets use DAPScoin seed in order to create and decrypt 24 word seed phrases. DAPS Web Wallets use Bitcoin seed. Why? This is to keep to industry standards to ensure easier integrations to other service providers. You don't need to select this on the web wallet if you are restoring a QT wallet. But you must select it if you are restoring a web, mobile or SecuX wallet.

  • I’m using the web wallet for the first time why is it taking a while?

    The first scan of your wallet will take long. The length of time is very dependent on your wallet size (number of utxos). Subsequent scans will be shorter, but your wallet will still need time to process your utxos locally. The more utxos you have the longer the wallet will require to finish.

Ask Questions

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