Personal Wallet & Bleutrade 100k Bonus Airdrop

daps airdrop

On the 14th of March 2019 (today) we sent out the bonus airdrop for personal wallets between 6pm and 10pm UTC. This was successful.

If you checked your wallet you provided for the previous airdrop claim process and you are 100% sure you didn’t receive your personal wallet claim bonus, please DM one of our mods on Telegram or Discord – make sure to verify their handles for safety to not get scammed.

Bleutrade Update:

Bleutrade postponed their airdrop of the DAPS bonus until tomorrow the 15th of March due to the hacker activity and investigations going on with it today.

“What about Cryptopia users, will we also get our bonus airdrop?”

In order to perform the bonus airdrop for Cryptopia users, we need Cryptopia’s assistance because only they know who are eligible for the bonus. In other words: their help is crucial and without it, the bonus airdrop is impossible to perform.

Unfortunately, Cryptopia has up till now been unresponsive to our requests to assist with the bonus airdrop and therefore Cryptopia is not included in this round of airdrops.

Of course, we will let the community know as soon as Cryptopia responds to our requests to assist so we can also send out the bonus airdrop for Cryptopia users.

“What if I want to donate my bonus to help the DAPS team with funding a new exchange listing or other business expenses, is there some way to do that?”

YES! We had numerous requests to cancel or donate the bonus airdrop but we feel this won’t be the right course of action SO we ask that anyone who wants to donate their bonus towards business and exchange expenses for DAPS to please send it to our community donation pool which is:


Thank you in advance in case you decide to donate your bonus, so far, we received just over 6 million DAPS in donations. We truly have the best community, thank you!!

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