PoA Miner Instructions

Please note: your wallet needs to be running and synced to mine.

  1. Download the wallet and PoA Miner for the operating system you need from here.
  2. Download the sample poa_miner_configuration.json file here. Place the file in the same folder as the PoA Miner executable.
  3. Extract and/or place the downloads into a single folder.
  4. Navigate to your DAPScoin folder. Folder is listed by Operating System below:
    – Windows: %APPDATA/DAPScoin
    – Linux: ~/.dapscoin
    – Mac: ~/Library/Application Support/DAPScoin
  5. Open dapscoin.conf (create it if it does not exist)
  6. Edit the dapscoin.conf to to have the following info:
  7. Save the dapscoin.conf.
  8. Launch the wallet and let it sync. Use the bootstrap if having trouble.
  9. Next, navigate to where poa_miner_configuration.json is and open it in a text editor:
    – Change the username:password to match your rpcuser= and rpcpassword= from dapscoin.conf above (note the : separating the username and password)
    – Change the # of threads to the amount of threads you would like to use (number of CPU-cores can be used as a reference)
  10. Save the poa_miner_configuration.json file.
  11. Run the command below in Command Prompt or Terminal.
dapscoin-poa-minerd.exe --config=poa_miner_configuration.json

./dapscoin-poa-minerd --config=poa_miner_configuration.json