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The DAPS Roadmap is expansive, but here are a few of the key milestones we hope to reach.

DAPS Was Born

1 July 2018.

DAPS Project Details Decided

After many weeks of deliberation, and study of long-term implications of various factors, the DAPS idea was given specifications. It would be a Privacy coin, with Masternodes, a capped Stake reward, and a focus on community.

Outreach, Outreach, Outreach

We have actively worked to expand the media presence of DAPS. More initiatives including sponsorships, partnerships, and charity work are planned in the future.

DAPS Token Deployed

On the 06/27/2018 02:00 UTC the first DAPS ERC-20 tokens were airdropped.

DAPS Mainnet Creation

As of August 2018 DAPS went into full time development with a 3rd party development team.

DAPS Exchange Outreach

We hope to have DAPS token listed on as many exchanges as possible, giving liquidity and a variety of markets for users to trade.

DAPS Launches Multiverse Enjin Collectibles

Wondered what Monocero, Verderion, Arkenax and Denteemia were? Well, now you know! They are our very own ERC 1155 collectibles on the Enjin network.

The DAPS collection on Enjin is known as the DAPSverse and we will expand on this collection by getting community members involved in designs or concepts down the track so we can keep growing our collection and catch the attention of blockchain game devs and players around the world.

DAPS Testnet Launch

In April 2019 we successfully carried out our first beta test of the functional chain with functional Masternodes, staking wallets and PoA miners on all 3 major operating systems.

DAPS Coin Security Audit

We want to make sure that the chain, consensus rules and cryptography implementations are not only accurate but also do not have security holes.

We also want a third party to validate that DAPS Coin does what it says on the tin. This way we can state for a fact that the claims we make are real.

Further to this, we are going to need these sorts of audits provided by reputable companies for exchange listings on some bigger exchanges.

DAPS Mainnet Launch

When the DAPS coin mainnet is ready, the DAPS token will transition to the dedicated blockchain, and users will be able to stake and partake in masternodes.

Create Masternode Hosting Service

We plan to have Masternodes active from the first day of the mainnet release. Some users may choose to self-host their Masternodes, others can make use of our current partners Gin and Snode to host their Masternodes for them.

Begin Aggressive Marketing and Expansion

At this point, we will begin our true advertising campaign to bring DAPS to every corner of Earth. Innovative marketing, partnerships, and honesty will be keystones to this expansion.

Improve DAPS Codebase

Active development will not end on DAPS when it is launched. The future features of DAPS may require development to utilize aspects of other projects and implement them into our system, or to innovate further.

Begin Merchant Integration

We will offer incentives to Merchants who offer our coin alongside other ubiquitous crypto-currencies.

DAPS World, DAPS Marketplace

We hope to provide a worldwide marketplace where users can exchange goods, items, services, knowledge for payment. This “DAPS World” project will be an analogue to Khan Academy mixed with Freelancer. Users will also be able to use these services to start self-funding campaigns like GoFundMe. We hope to provide an ecosystem for normal crypto users to learn and contribute to the industry.

Further Innovation

We will ensure the DAPS chain is cutting edge technologically along with introducing further initiatives and projects to bring about mass adoption.

Mass Adoption

We hope to make DAPS a well-known currency across the world using the power of grassroots campaigning and innovative initiatives alongside our one of a kind blockchain. Fostering a end-to-end ecosystem that cultivates a dedicated community will be key to this plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

We've compiled a list of answers to common questions.

DAPS will not compromise on any privacy features. No other privacy coin is wholly anonymous. DAPS will be completely untraceable. The only tracking will be the total supply and block height via the Proof-Of-Audit block.

The DAPS coin mainnet will be launched as soon as the features required to make it a fully private trustless network are achieved, secure, and backtested. This is expected in the 2nd half of 2019.

ERC-20 Based

Block Time/Confirms/Spending: ETH-based

Total Supply: 60,000,000,000

Click here to see our INFO page for full DAPS features.

There will be an emissions cap that equals approximately 16 years worth of emissions, or 10 billion DAPS.

No, the DAPS wallet will be released when the DAPS network is live.

  • A uniquely hybrid Proof-of-Work, Proof-of-Stake, and Proof-of-Audit blockchain.
  • A set of new decentralized consensus rules unique to DAPS which prevent bad actors from compromising the hybrid chain in any known way.
  • A basic block explorer that allows browsing of visually distinct types of blocks or transactions.
  • Stand-alone Proof-of-Audit miners which can use CPUs, AMD GPUs, or Nvidia GPUs to create PoA blocks either by solo mining or via a mining pool.
  • Removal of PIVX’s Zerocoin privacy functionalities which have been replaced with custom functions.
  • Brand new RPC functionalities and API endpoints which support DAPS transactions, PoA mining, keychain wallets, see-saw block rewards, and block explorers.
  • PoS v3 staking for all desktop keychain wallets.
  • Segmentation and award of PoS Block Rewards for the DAPS Team, and a 60/40 split of the remainder for the masternode holders and the stakers as appropriate.
  • PoA block rewards.
  • Introduction of the latest PIVX security patches.
  • Removal of fees for transactions inside of PoW blocks.
  • Multiple masternodes with unique nicknames running on a single server and IP address.
  • Design of desktop and mobile keychain wallets, and a block explorer.
  • Introduction of ring signatures to a PIVX transaction.
  • Tools and methods to reliably start or restart the hybrid blockchain as needed while in development or testing.
  • Ongoing security updates of dependent third-party software libraries.
  • Continuous Integration tools for running automated tests, and for automated deployments.
  • A highly scalable and available network of Docker containers controlled by Kubernetes.
  • Virtualbox images for localized testing of any platform.
  • Documentation of how to use DAPS’ proprietary, emergent technologies.
  • Stealth Transactions to include (surprise feature) for obfuscated transaction amounts.
  • Front End development integration of Keychain Wallets’ dark and light mode designs.
  • Custom Block Explorer website with a dark design.
  • Uniquely versioned and licensed individual executables for the limited public beta test.
  • Planned network obsolescence of all executables which prevents them from ever talking to any chain newer than the public beta test network’s version.
  • Deployment and testing of the beta test environment and its licensing system.
  • Consultation with DAPS Team’s internal reviewers for feedback regarding the upcoming beta test.
  • Fixing and deploying any Priority 1 bugs which would prevent a beta test from occurring.
  • Consultation during the limited public beta test.
  • Decommissioning of the beta test environment and functionality after testing has been completed.

The answer is: almost everything!

Testers will be able to test almost all aspects of the coin.
In terms of wallets, the following are expected to be available:

  1. Windows 64bit
  2. Linux
  3. Mac

In terms of MasterNodes, the following are expected to be fully operational:

  1. Linux
  2. Windows 64bit

Currently, there is only a Windows-based CPU based PoA miner. We are working on getting a Linux one ready for testnet. We are also targeting the GPU versions to be available. The target is to have them done for testnet.

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