DAPS Project Team - Building The Future Of Privacy Together

Making DAPS Possible

DAPS is an innovative project with a structured written governance and a team of dedicated professionals.

Our Mission

DAPS prides itself on honesty, transparency and community involvement. Our goal is to secure financial assets from intrusion and improve the accessibility of cryptocurrency to global users. Our mission is fostering individual technical skills development, building community and encouraging advancement of Blockchain and Privacy protocols.

Our Standards

We have a rigorous KYD (Know-Your-Developer) process which ensures only skilled and honest developers are given full access. We have written these standards into our governance.

Our Community

We have a passionate and active community of +- 7500 users that supports the project.

DAPS Governance

We enforce our vetting standards and plan to keep the project on the right path.

Join Our Team!

We have an open application process, and welcome anyone who wants to contribute.


Spreading Satoshi's vision to the world, one DAPS at a time!


Adel de Meyer

Co-founder and Head of Operations
Andrew Huntley

Andrew Huntley

Chief Technical Officer

Mike Pletman

Business Development Manager / Advisor

Andy Robinson

Operations Coordinator
justin dasilva developer daps

Justin Da Silva

DAPS Junior Developer - Researcher

Charley van Laar

Senior Manager
stuart gee

Stuart Gee

DAPS Council and Community
Robnett, Alex

Alexander Robnett

DAPS Council and Advisor
anestis finstad

Anestis Finstad

DAPS Web Developer - Management
freud daps

Marius Großhans

DAPS Community - International

DAPS Coin is currently in full-time development by an undisclosed 3rd party development house. After mainnet release we will switch over to an open-source project but due to our cutting edge technology the decision was to keep our code closed. We completed a successful testnet in March 2019 with 115 beta testers.

Github view access can be arranged for exchanges, auditors or any other parties DAPS management agrees to. Please see our legal certification of the development agreement that is in place.

daps testnet update 2

In-house Development Team

Media Team

Community Support and International Team

Get In Touch With The Team Directly:

One day, you may find yourself here. We are constantly expanding, looking for innovative and dedicated contributors.

DAPS Governance and Code of Conduct

DAPS has a written governance model and a structured system with a code of conduct. We believe this sets us apart from many altcoin projects, combined with our Know-Your-Developer process. Our governance is written in a way to prevent unprofessional behaviour, price manipulation or any bad actors from representing our project. Community-regulated, this system will foster honest development and a positive atmosphere.

Why it is Important

We believe most projects do not properly enforce standards of professionalism on their teams. We have a governance system with a full auditing process for all developers. Official members must follow conduct guidelines, and be willing to answer all concerns. We believe a friendly, professional community is key to cryptocurrency's mass adoption.

Our Governance Model

We have a governance model as we're attempting to make the most honest and transparent cryptocurrency to date. Included is our vetting standards, which require a full Know-Your-Developer process.

Our Code of Conduct

We expect our team members and community members to act in a professional and respectful manner at all times. We make sure everyone feels welcome in the DAPS community.

Want To Contribute?

The DAPS Project is always looking for new members. We offer an opportunity to learn by working with a professional team. Work to expand your resume as you help us tackle our goals.

Do you code, design, or have other talents you want to add? Contact us!

All applicants must agree to Governance and vetting standards. Development positions require ID verification prior to any official access; adhering to DAPS Privacy Policy. “DAPS” development access requires signed non-disclosure agreement. Your privacy matters to us, as does our focus on strict Know-Your-Developer processes.

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