Update Regarding New Version Release

daps bugs fixes

Dear DAPS community,

We know that you guys are eagerly awaiting the new version of the wallet.

We are too!

At the moment there is one bug that we are trying to figure out. It is a showstopper for us.

What is this bug?

Balances are being calculated incorrectly after staking rewards are received.

Essentially what is happening is that when a staking reward is received, the balance calculation is adding additional coins where they do not exist.

This is the only bug that is stopping us from releasing the update, but as you can imagine, it’s a big one!

As soon as this bug is squashed, we’ll be going through another round of testing to ensure it is gone for good!

Below is a list of issues that we have already fixed, tested and verified:

 Bugs Fixed to Date

Qt: Starting a Masternode could lead to freezing in some cases #674

Qt: Staking Status indicator did not correctly track the GetStakingStatus() true state #668

      – Enabling staking will now correctly indicate up to 1.5 hours to fully engage

Qt: Informative Staking Status State tooltips #673

Show message ‘Enabling Staking…’ instead of total balance, until staking has completely engaged (#669)

Disable daemon-level staking by default #639

Fix for masternodes not showing all available outputs #645

Fix TX fee rounding calculation in selectcoins #648

Increase wait-time from 10000 to 30000 in between minting rounds #650

Update missing copyright in COPYING #651

Qt > Overview: Background graphic missing #657

Remove Beta tag from version number (#663)

Declare folder where Backup Wallet file is being saved (#664)

Restore the ‘listsinceblock’ RPC command for exchanges (#666)

Reduce scratch memory space from 2048 to 128 in order to improve performance (#684)

QT: The ‘listtransactions’ RPC command sometimes crashed the wallet (#687)

For the ‘getrawtransaction’ command, implement a ‘TransactionDirection” Deposit|Withdrawal’ bool flag

Daemons: Order of lockings can cause an eventual crash

RPC: Add an IsMine to the getrawtransaction JSON output, for exchanges

Qt: Excessive peer banning while re-scanning blocks during startup

Fixed Fatal error “assert ret”

As you can see our devs have been hard at work and releasing a new update is a top priority at the moment. We appreciate your support and understanding while we fine-tune the gears.

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