DAPS takes security very seriously. DAPS Desktop nodes are password encrypted and accessing your mnemonic phrase (BIP-39 compliant) requires your password as well.


DAPS Coin is a 100% private coin built using the latest in privacy technology. It combines battle hardened privacy technology in a first of its kind Pow - PoS - Poa hybrid chain.

Industry Certified

DAPS Coin underwent a full security audit before mainnet launch by Red4Sec, a leading security firm. All issues that were identified were fixed and re-audited and passed.

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High-Performance Features


Support the DAPS network by running a masternode. Only 1 million DAPS coins are required to get started.

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Earn passive income by staking your DAPS coins in the DAPS QT desktop wallets. The minimum required to start staking is 400 000 DAPS.

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PoA Mining

Help to validate the DAPS network by running our unique Proof of Audit miner and receive rewards.

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