What to Expect From DAPS Coin Update V1.0.3

We’ve had a very busy development week since our last update V1.0.2 on the 17th of October 2019. This update focused a lot on user experience. We would like to share details with you about the bug fixes and what to expect from this bigger (and very important) version update, including an updated PoA miner:

Improvements Made

  • Slowly deny connections from older peers who are running anything less than v1.0.3, in a tiered day-by-day rollout over the course of a week.
  • Qt: New users who have just installed will no longer be required to enter their passphrase a second time in order to unlock.
  • Qt: Customized location for DAPS data directory is now remembered between restarts. Users with multiple custom directories will need to pay close attention, as the last default may be unexpected this time around.
  • Qt: Allow user to choose backup location when performing a “Backup Wallet” action.
  • Qt: Show “Locked; Hidden” on Recent Transactions list when wallet is locked.
  • New dapscoin.conf option to only allow selection of UTXO decoys with n block confirmations (default of 15).
  • Qt: Sorting the History screen’s Date column is now ordered by day first and timestamp second.
  • Checkpoint blocks have been added starting at block 32,653, and then every 5k blocks thereafter, from 40 000 up to 90 000.
  • Qt: Add UI checkbox for control of Auto-Consolidate-While-Staking feature. New deposits received while staking will be assimilated and staked; Feature not available if also controlling one or more masternodes.
  • Increase PoA difficulty to more closely align with the rising PoS difficulty.
  • Qt: No more random banning of valid peers during a sync – Removed a false assertion related to masternode broadcasts that claimed full sync had been achieved when it may not yet be true.
  • Change scratch memory to 512MB.
  • Increase min size of UTXO decoys pool to 100.
  • Qt: Change label of staking on/off switch from “Staking Status:” to “Staking Mode:”.
  • Qt: Remove help button from Windows dialogs.

Bugs Fixed

  • Qt: Light Theme | console text is now white text on black background.
  • RPC: In ‘gettxoutsetinfo’, remove decimal places from ‘total_amount’ shown.
  • Qt: Fix random crash with masternode outputs due to inconsistencies in using mutex to access wallet.
  • Invalid (“-1”) transactions are now removed from the mempool sooner.
  • Qt: The Syncing vs. Synced circles are missing the ‘(Synced)” text when syncing finishes.

PoA Miner Improvements

PoA miner difficulty has been altered to bring it more in line with PoS difficulty. Mandatory update to your wallet as your old mining setup won’t work correctly. No changes have been made to the miner itself.

Some of the Items Scheduled for This Week

  • BitMart custom code to get swap and trading done asap.
  • Assist Txbit to get withdrawals open again if still buggy after the new release.
  • Multisig wallet improvements – priority Grant Thorton swap.
  • Add a refresh button to the history page.
  • Force users to re-enter their password to reveal the mnemonic phrase.
  • Masternode count on block explorer fix.
  • Improve the block explorer speed, stability, load time and UI elements.
  • Wallet crash after left for a few hours and adding crash error reasons.
  • Backup name and location fix.
  • Timestamp notifications and history corrections – wrong info displayed.
  • Mobile development – Android version.
  • Total known bugs logged for this sprint:
    Win total – 10 bugs
    Mac total – 14 bugs
    Linux total – 2 bugs

New version public release schedule – as soon as possible.

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